The Writer

At Writer's Digest, Cris had opportunities to flex his creative muscles—as well as other skills—to develop a wide variety of content. Whether it's a simple blog post for the staff blog, a three-page introduction to a print book, back panel and Amazon description copy, a multiple-page magazine feature, a column, or a 140-character Tweet, he knows that audience and voice are the key to storytelling.

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The Writer's Digest Annual "Get An Agent" Issue

Interviewing 34 different literary agents actively seeking new clients, Cris developed a 10-page feature for annual Writer's Digest magazine "Get an Agent" issue. He polled agents on their writing and query tips, what they're seeking, how to query, and more. During the process, Cris researched dozens of agencies and hundreds of literary agents, cross-checking with agents Writer's Digest showcased in previous editions of the feature while also ensuring that as many genres were as well-represented as possible.

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Literary Agents Spotlight Today's Hottest Genres

Building off the "Get an Agent" feature, Cris sought to provide valuable information to Writer's Digest readers on some of the hottest genres in the industry: middle grade, young adult, romance, women's fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and thriller. He targeted 2–3 literary agents who specialize in each respective genre and asked them a series of question relevant to their genre, what's popular, what they're seeking, and more. Cris developed the answers to these questions into a 6-page magazine feature.

What Television Can Teach Us About Writing

A regular column developed for, Cris analyzed popular television shows to show writers specific techniques, ideas and methods they could use for their own fiction.


standout markets column

For 16 issues, Cris featured three markets for writers to submit their writing—fiction, book manuscripts, and freelance writing. He researched magazines, journals, and book publishers to determine suitable candidates. Cris developed his research and interviews with editors to write the column. Featured markets include:

  • The New York Times' Modern Love

  • Psychology Today's Two-Minute Memoir

  • Milkweed Editions

  • Boys' Life

  • Cicada

  • One Story

  • VFW

  • Polis Books

Standalone Features

Cris has written several standalone features for Writer's Digest magazine, covering their six competitions for writers. He interviewed the grand prize winner and wrote their story with a hook to draw the average reader of the magazine in. Three of his favorites are below.

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